Thursday, June 19, 2008

Abdullah's Mouthpiece NaSTy Pee Says That Sabahans Are Greedy, Uncouth and Treasonous

Apologies for not doing a 'What will the MSM front pages look like' series yesterday. Internet konekshyun is just like uhmmm...konek.

"Treasonous Sabahans!" exclaimed NaSTy Pee. They are literally taking the Sabahans for their shape of their state (check your map what Sabah resembles), it seems!

Just look at their top stories:

The same goes for their sister paper:

The MaChAi paper seems to be to familiar with all these HK triad 'mou gaan dou'-like deals...

Vince sudah tak kamcheng Bijan? Someone's not going to be too happy with the 'bomb' word. ;-)

'Kami Sokong!' (tak termasuk Mukhriz n bapak n Ku Li lar...)

Let us not forget what the SAPP was 'greeding' for:

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