Monday, June 02, 2008

Of Royce Cheah Is A Hamsapkuai, Vaginas, Latexes, And RM 5 Quickie Camp

[Updated June 5, 2008]: Deletions done purely for diplomatic reason.

Sex sells, innit? With all these nitty gritty details...


As if like a high school kid waiting to get laid (a related story later), does he need to be so bloody descriptive, with all these cases literally happening everyday at Mike Chong's Crib? And as TV Smith notices: "Ah Longs nowadays are so hygienic!", maybe Ah long ads could consider inserting (pun not intended) the tagline "Free Brazilian Wax Also!"

But still, it could not beat this star-ific capatalising on Harian Metro's ghost/sex/ghost/sex-with-ghost/sex type of front-page material.


And nobody knows whether this is happening in our National Suicidal camp. But wait a sec, I thought they are going to start it soon?

Well, as a consolation, they've included this also. Some complained of 'no feel' or 'no kick' (as compared to the above two lar!), but still made it into the 'most read' list, nevertheless.


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