Sunday, June 29, 2008

Who Says That Abdullah and Mahathir Can't Co-exist Peacefully?

Still remember this?

Newspaper scan by BarkingMagpie.

Yes, they both co-exist peacefully, well, at least on the first floor of here:

Why 'tenc'? I don't know. I only knew that the janitor wipes off the bar railing in front of the boutique enthusiastically.

Compare it to Det's bakery. Both prices are exorbitant, but guess who won the customers hands down. That's a Saturday evening, mind you. To be fair, uhmm, clothes can't really feed your stomach, rite?

Wel,, this is the second time I've been to Pavilion, since the much-publicised farewell dinner-cum-blogger gathering.

The seats seem so lonely without bloggers around...

Food and service haven't changed much since our last visit (oh, at least they have gas now), but things really have changed for bloggers. A couple is no longer a couple, and one even became a MP!

I ordered the dish that Nat didn't manage to finish without even realising it. And yes, I also couldn't finish it, so took away the rest back home. :P

And yup, ate there alone. Pathetic, rite? Well, just feeling nostalgic and want to reminisce things... So, when you want to ajak me makan? ;-)

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