Sunday, June 01, 2008

Yes, There Was A Walk, And A Talk, But Was There A 'Walk The Talk'?

Yes, the walk was on, albeit in scattered twos or threes.

A group of journalists already at the Sultan Abdul Samad Building when I was there at around 9 something.

The atmosphere at Dataran Merdeka was surprisingly at a breeze, i.e. without the police cordons, although there were a few police cars which were there more for the Agong's birthday rehearsal.

Rocky posing nonchalantly at the flag pole.

Super-friendly miss policewomen who cam-whored with the tourists mainly from China and Thailand.

Then, finally at the National Press Club, where we were greeted with swarms of journalists and press people.

Law Minister Datuk Zaid Ibrahim and devout Christian (who skipped Sunday service?) Double Latuk Wong.

Stevie G and an unidentified person.

And then there's the talk...

NUJ president.

Datuk Zaid Ibrahim.

YB Wee Choo Keong and YB Ronnie Liu.

Well, basically there's nothing new about Zaid's speech (to borrow the famous tagline from Mukhriz where he commented on the PM's UMNO assembly), where, like his cohorts in the BN gomen, i.e ZAM, Azman Ujang, and KJ, he reiterated the push for the setting up of the National Press Council initiative. Which is more like a plughole to me when the floodgate for press freedom is open as the PPPA, ISA, OSA and draconian laws alike are abolished.

Except for a small hiccup by a member of the floor and the ongoing taichi-ing between Zaid Ibrahim and the press editors on the floor....

Double Latuk Wong posing a question to Zaid Ibrahim. was quite an eventful event, well, at least for these.

So, will there be a 'walk the talk' soon? Media conglomerates owned by political parties and business tycoon; does 'conflict of interests' even mean a thing to those who applauded the talk so enthusiastically? ;-)

Excuse me while I go back PM-ing (Zzzzzzzzz....) till at least 6 pm. :P

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