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Anwar Ibrahim, MP Permatang Pauh?

The day has finally come, when Kak Wan decided to join politics slightly less than 10 years ago.


I am relieved the MP cun did not do a 'Mulan' though.

[Public Announcement] Universiti Mahu Niaya Orang Offers Full Scholarship for Ph.D in Sodomology

What are you waiting for? Guaranteed bright future!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hari Ini Penjarakan Anwar, Besok Turun Harga Minyak?

Boleh caya kah?


Bertam Punya Sapi, Deutschland Yang Dapat Nama: Drunkard Malaysian Tupai Made It Into PNAS

I already predict PAS issuing a fatwa for the mass chopping down bertam trees and killing tupais once in sight because they 'promote alcoholism'.


Author's affiliations.

And here's the abstract:


For humans alcohol consumption often has devastating consequences. Wild mammals may also be behaviorally and physiologically challenged by alcohol in their food. Here, we provide a detailed account of chronic alcohol intake by mammals as part of a coevolved relationship with a plant. We discovered that seven mammalian species in a West Malaysian rainforest consume alcoholic nectar daily from flower buds of the bertam palm (Eugeissona tristis), which they pollinate. The 3.8% maximum alcohol concentration (mean: 0.6%; median: 0.5%) that we recorded is among the highest ever reported in a natural food. Nectar high in alcohol is facilitated by specialized flower buds that harbor a fermenting yeast community, including several species new to science. Pentailed treeshrews (Ptilocercus lowii) frequently consume alcohol doses from the inflorescences that would intoxicate humans. Yet, the flower-visiting mammals showed no signs of intoxication. Analysis of an alcohol metabolite (ethyl glucuronide) in their hair yielded concentrations higher than those in humans with similarly high alcohol intake. The pentailed treeshrew is considered a living model for extinct mammals representing the stock from which all extinct and living treeshrews and primates radiated. Therefore, we hypothesize that moderate to high alcohol intake was present early on in the evolution of these closely related lineages. It is yet unclear to what extent treeshrews benefit from ingested alcohol per se and how they mitigate the risk of continuous high blood alcohol concentrations.

Hence, the new peribahasa should be as follows:

Sepandai tupai minum-minum arak, akhirnya jatuh tersungkur di tanah.


Third Toilet For The Third Gender (Maybe Unc/Aunt Pet Can Apply)

Don't you just love their tolerance? Maybe Unc/Aunt Pet can apply. ;-) From the Beebs:

By Jonathan Head
News, north-east Thailand

The sign to the transsexual toilet in Kampang Secondary School, north-east Thailand
A new toilet sign has been created at this Thai
With its spacious,
tree-lined grounds and slightly threadbare classrooms, there is nothing
obviously unusual about the Kampang Secondary School.

It is situated in Thailand's impoverished north-east, and most of the pupils
are the children of farmers.

Every morning at 0800 they all gather outside to sing the national anthem and
watch the flag being raised.

Then they have a chance to use the toilets, before heading off the first
classes of the day.

Kampang is proud of its toilets. Spotless, and surrounded by flowering
tropical plants, they have won national awards for cleanliness.

But there is something else about them too. Between the girls' toilet and the
boys', there is one signposted with a half-man, half-woman figure in blue and

This is the transsexual toilet, and outside, in front of the mirrors, some
decidedly girly-looking teenage boys preen their hair and apply face cream.


The headteacher, Sitisak Sumontha, estimates that in any year between 10% and
20% of his boys consider themselves to be transgender - boys who would rather be

The toilet for transsexual pupils in Kampang Secondary School, north-east Thailand
The transsexual pupils are delighted with their own

"They used to be teased every time they used the boys' toilets," he said, "so
they started using the girls' toilets instead. But that made the girls feel
uncomfortable. It made these boys unhappy, and started to affect their work."

So the school offered to build the transgender boys their own facility, and
they welcomed it.

Triwate Phamanee is a slightly built 13-year-old who is adamant that he will
one day change his gender.

"We're not boys," he told me, "so we don't want to use the boys' toilet - we
want them to know we are transsexuals."

Vichai Saengsakul, 15, agrees.

"People need to know that being a transsexual is not a joke," he says, "it's
the way we want to live our lives. That's why we're grateful for what the school
has done."

Normal treatment

The transgender boys in Kampang tend to stick together as a group, practising
their somewhat exaggerated feminine mannerisms together and generally camping it

A transsexual pupil at Kampang Secondary School, north-east Thailand
The pupils have to wear boys' uniforms, but use feminine

They still have to wear male uniforms, make-up is not allowed (although some
manage to sneak in a touch of lipstick and mascara), and of course sex-change
surgery is out of the question at this age - the youngest self-declared
transsexual is 12.

But they appear to be treated perfectly normally by other pupils and teachers

I asked the headmaster whether they were not too young to be making decisions
about their gender.

He said that, in his 35 years of working in the Thai education system, he had
come across many boys like this, and they never changed. Many go on as adults to
have sex-change surgery, while others will live as gay men, he said.

Thailand is well known for its tolerance of transgender men, and they are
very visible in everyday life. Sex-change surgery has become a speciality of the
Thai health industry, and it is relatively inexpensive; patients come here from
all over the world for the operation.

'Sweet and soft'

The Kampang school's initiative, far from stirring up controversy, has
instead prompted a discussion in other schools over whether they should be
providing the same facilities.

A ratio of 10% to 20% of boys calling themselves transsexual in a provincial
high school does seem very high, but Mr Sitisak assured me that in his
experience it was not unusual.

Transgender campaigner Suttirat Simsiriwong
When [the pupils grow up] they won't want to go into a transgender
toilet because they will want to be accepted as a woman - so they will go to the
women's toilet

Suttirat Simsiriwong

Which brought up a question that has been rattling around my head ever since
I first lived in Thailand seven years ago: Why do so many Thai men want to
become women?

I asked Suttirat Simsiriwong, who became a campaigner for transgender rights
after she was barred entry to a nightclub at an international hotel in Bangkok
last year.

Poised, articulate and very feminine, it is hard to tell that she was not
born a woman.

"Maybe the numbers of gays, of people with sexual identity issues, might be
the same as in other countries," said Suttirat, "but because Thai society and
culture tend to be very sweet, very soft, and the men can be really feminine, if
we tend to be gay, many of us tend to be transgender."

So does building a special toilet in school advance the cause of winning
wider acceptance for transsexuals?

"At that age it's good for them to have a specific place," she said.

"But when they graduate from school or university, they will know how to have
medical treatment. They won't want to go into a transgender toilet because they
will want to be accepted as a woman - so they will go to the women's toilet."

Discrimination remains

Tolerance, said Suttirat, is not the same thing as acceptance.

Despite their high profile in Thailand, transsexuals complain that they are
still stereotyped - they can find work easily enough as entertainers, in the
beauty industry, the media, or as prostitutes, but it is much harder to become a
transgender lawyer or investment banker.

And their biggest complaint is that they cannot change their legal status.

Despite a proposal during the drafting of a new constitution last year, to
allow them to change the gender on their identity cards, this has not yet been

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You Don't Have To Go To Beijing For Olympics 2008, It's Right Here in KL Already (No, This Post Is Not A Live Telecast Advert)

In Commie Central:

[Pic source]

In Zimbabwe-wannabe:

Check the API here.

Are you enjoying the Asian pussies tropical climate and atmosphere, eh Blues?

Body Got Shit, So Have To Cover Up Fast

Haiya, faitit kau tim lar!

Body Got Shit? [Source]

One would wonder why he didn't say the same to those ISA detainees whom some of them have been there for 6 years.

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On The Allegation That Dr. Mohamed Osman Hamid Was Never A Pusrawi Staff, Go F**k Yourself

"Aiks, not in the list! RPK liar! RPK liar!"


They can delete the records like what they did to Altantuya's customs records, but it is still here. (Hat-tip to buttercity)


MSM Still Yet To Report Fake MSM

Time-clocked at MYT 9:01:54 PM, Double Latuk Wong finally published this after 'yam pui cha, yak ko cha siew pau'



UPDATE 2: ntv7 Edisi 7 coverage


UPDATE 2: The Nasty Excreta has quoted the Deputy IGP saying the report is a sabo.

Police considers report by website as attempt to sabotage investigations, confuse public Deputy Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar said the reports were also aimed at confusing the people.

Police, he said, were considering investigating the news website and a blog over their reports, which referred to a medical report allegedly issued by Pusrawi Hospital on Jalan Tun Razak.

The news report claimed that there was no evidence that Anwar’s former aide Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan had been sodomised.

However, Ismail declined to comment on the medical report itself, saying investigations were ongoing.

Mohd Saiful had alleged that he had been sodomised by the de factor leader of Parti Keadilan Rakyat.

Ismail also quashed rumours that Dr Mohamed Osman Abdul Hamid, the Pusrawi Hospital medical officer who examined Mohd Saiful on June 28, had been picked up by police.

“Mohamed Osman’s statement had been recorded by police earlier on in the investigation, as such, rumours circulating about his arrest by police are untrue,” Ismail said.

Attempts to get in touch with Pusrawi Hospital officials were futile as all questions were met with a “No comment” answer.

According to the news website, Dr Mohamed Osman had examined Mohd Saiful about four hours before lodging a police report alleging he had been sexually assaulted by Anwar.

Mohd Saiful went to the hospital about 2pm on June 28 complaining of ’tenesmus’, a medical term for difficulty and pain in passing motion.

Dr Mohamed Osman, a Burmese Muslim, is said to be on leave.


UPDATED: ntv7 Mandarin news just had a 30-second report on it.


As of 5.12 p.m., the Main Stream Media has still yet to report the fake Man-who-have-Sex-with-Man report.

I'm waiting. Not that patiently.

Dr Mohamed Osman Abdul Hamid of Hospital Pusrawi Claimed That Saiful Bukhari Wasn't Sodomised - No Sign of Anal Intrusion/Per-Rectal Bleeding

UPDATED: From Mkini

Doktor: Tiada kesan Saiful diliwat
Jul 28, 08 2:55pm
Tiada bukti Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, yang mengadu diliwat Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, pernah mengalami hubungan seks luar tabie seperti itu - demikian hasil pemeriksaan seorang doktor di sebuah hospital swasta, kira-kira empat jam sebelum membuat laporan polis sebulan lalu.

Hospital Pusrawi 280708.jpgMenurut salinan laporan perubatan terhadap bekas pembantu Anwar itu, Mohd Saiful ke Hospital Pusrawi mengadu mengalami "tenesmus" - kesukaran dan kesakitan membuang air besar.

Dipercayai pemuda 23 tahun itu mendapatkan rawatan di hospital di Jalan Tun Razak itu kira-kira jam 2 petang pada 28 Jun sebelum diminta ke sebuah hospital kerajaan dan kemudian membuat laporan polis.

Ketika di Hospital Pusrawi, pemuda itu diperiksa oleh Dr Mohamed Osman Abdul Hamid.

Dalam laporannya itu, doktor tersebut menyatakan pesakit itu mendakwa diserang dengan dijolok bahan "plastik" di bahagian duburnya.

Mohamed Osman, seperti tercatat dalam laporannya yang direkodkan pada jam 2.14 petang, mendapati dubur Mohd Saiful "tidak mengalami pendarahan aktif", "tiada kesan ulser atau nanah", dan "tiada kesan koyak atau calar".

Beliau juga menyatakan pemuda itu kelihatan "jaga", "selesa", "tidak pucat" dan tidak menunjukkan sebarang tanda demam. Berita asal

From Suara Keadilan (hat-tip to Kean Jin)


Doctors' handwriting are the worst.

Read the report by RPK below, or from his intermittently-interrupted blog:

Doctor on the run: police want him to fabricate evidence against Anwar

The doctor’s report says it very clearly. Saiful was never sodomised, either by Anwar or anyone else. Why is the government still pursuing the case against Anwar? And why are they looking for the doctor who has now gone underground with his whole family?


Raja Petra Kamarudin

On 21 July 2008, I published an article in this same column called HOW, YET AGAIN, THEY ARE TRYING TO FABRICATE EVIDENCE AGAINST ANWAR. (Read the article here ).

In that article I mentioned as follows:

You see, they asked a certain doctor from a certain hospital to conduct an examination on Saiful. The doctor did so and he came out with a report that said there is no evidence Anwar had ever penetrated or sodomised the young man. The police then picked up the doctor and detained him for three days. As much as they tried to force him to change his report to implicate Anwar he refused to do so.

Until today, the doctor stands by his report that there is no evidence Anwar had sodomised Saiful. He knows he is going to be made to pay for this but he doesn’t care. He is not going to change his report and say that Anwar sodomised Saiful whatever they do to him. Exasperated, the police had to release Anwar on personal bond or police bail. The doctor refuses to doctor his report and neither does Anwar want to volunteer his new specimen.

Well, that doctor’s name is Dr Mohamed Osman Abdul Hamid from the Hospital Pusrawi and he has now taken his entire family and has gone into hiding because the police are looking for him and they want him to change his medical report.

At 2.00pm on 28 June 2008, Mohd Saiful Bukhari Bin Azlan went to see Dr Mohamed Osman to complain about a pain he is suffering in his anus. Saiful told the doctor that he had been assaulted by ‘a very important person’ -- meaning, of course, sodomised by Anwar Ibrahim.

Dr Mohamed Osman examined Saiful but found no evidence that he had been sodomised, either by Anwar Ibrahim or anyone else for that matter. The doctor’s report (which can be viewed below) says that there is zero (0) skin tearing, zero (0) active bleeding, zero (0) traces of pus, etc., which basically means he can’t be suffering from a pain in the anus as what he alleges.

The doctor’s diagnosis is that he rules out or TRO (to rule out) assault (sodomised). In short: Mohd Saiful Bukhari Bin Azlan is not suffering any pain in the anus and neither was he assaulted or sodomised in the anus.

Saiful then said he would like to make a police report so Dr Mohamed Osman suggested he go for a second medical examination at a government hospital. Saiful did so and the doctor at the government hospital also came out with the same diagnosis. Nevertheless, Saiful still made his police report at the pondok police in the hospital.

In spite of the doctors all confirming that Saiful was never sodomised, the police still pursued the case. Anwar Ibrahim was subsequently arrested by about 20 SWAT members in Balaclavas and armed to the teeth in a dramatic movie-style action-packed drama in front of his house after he had confirmed he would be reporting to the police station at 2.00pm as required.

The police detained Anwar in the lockup until the next morning and even brought him to the hospital for examination and to try to obtain his specimen for what the police say are for purposes of doing a DNA profile. The fact that the police already have Anwar’s DNA profile from 1998, plus the doctors from both hospitals confirm that Saiful was never sodomised, did not seem to matter.

Clearly the government is attempting to fabricate evidence against Anwar and is trying to indict him on trumped-up charges of sodomy. And who but the slime-ball AG and scumbag IGP, the same two players in the 1998 episode, can be behind this latest travesty of justice.

The doctor’s report says it very clearly. Saiful was never sodomised, either by Anwar or anyone else. Why is the government still pursuing the case against Anwar? And why are they looking for the doctor who has now gone underground with his whole family?

Civil society movements, NGOs and the Malaysian Bar Council must not remain silent. The police have already detained the doctor for three days but he still refuses to doctor his medical report. Anwar did not sodomise Saiful and the doctor’s report says it very clearly. And the police also have a copy of this same report that I have published below so they know what I know. And now Malaysians also already know what I and the police know -- that Saiful was never sodomised by anyone.

It's so anal, I know.

Can somebody dig up the info on whether Saifool consulted Unc Agony Bijan for anal advice after he made this check-up and before going to the government hospital?

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Flight Fright

All within 2 days!




The Fab Datuk

CIMB Malaysia Open Women's Champion. And the CEO was not even there. (Bro too controversial?) Bah!

And of course, there's Beng Hee.


So, how was your weekend so far?

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He shouldn't be the one. The murderer should be sent to hell instead, eh Pete?


July 25, 2008 18:18 PM

Police Escort Dies After Collapsing At Court Entrance

SHAH ALAM, July 25 (Bernama) -- A policeman escorting the three accused in the Altantuya Shaariibuu murder trial, collapsed at the entrance of the High Court here today.

L/Cpl Othman Abdul Rahman, 47, reportedly died at National Heart Institute in Kuala Lumpur at 1.15pm about four hours after the incident before the hearing started.

It is believed that he had a heart problem and diabetes and was said to suffer breathing difficulties and fatigue after climbing the stairs to the courtroom on the fourth floor before collapsing.

A colleague was seen giving him CPR and was later carried by five other policemen and a civilian to an ambulance.


The Great Fairness of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi: I Can Have My Private Jet and Terengganu Can Have Mercs

He promised to be fair to all...

Judge for Yourself!

He has this...

So they can have theirs too. Fair enough.


Let's have a photo caption contest shall we?

My take: "Haha, look at the sore asses of the idiot rakyat whom we have sodomised!"

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B'day Boy

Wanna join ma party?

55. 3 years junior of Broke-Goer.

Sleep tight, and don't let the bed bugs vamps and Petes bite. ;-)