Friday, July 04, 2008

...And A Day After The Aftermath and Before Another Aftermath...

Vince kamcheng Bijan. Kennot frontpage picture.

Najib's wife, Rosmah Mansor, is also said to wield significant political influence. Najib reportedly maintains close ties with the state oil giant Petronas and with many prominent businessmen, including tycoon Vincent Tan. Najib also "holds the dollar bags of the Defense Ministry," as one Kuala Lumpur-based analyst, requesting anonymity, puts it.

Double Latuk Wong seem to finally gain some balls to publish this. MaChAi calls it "Betting on the right horse".

This piece of liquid excreta surprisingly did not put the same front page "Why Now" for the sodomy allegations. The earlier sodomy allegation, I mean.

The Malay papers seem to sing the same tune: "Pembohongan Dahsyat" (Sebenarnya, saya nak tanya sikit - penampilan orang yang kena C4 lebih dahsyat ke, SD lebih dahsyat?)

Today: DSAI vs. Fat Lady. Don't get a heart attack.

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