Wednesday, July 16, 2008

DSAI-SC Debate Lessons Learnt: RTM Totally Fails as Public-funded Public Broadcaster, Prepare Water at Debates And IPTA VCs As BN Spokesperson?

That's the gist of the debate. I have nothing more to add since it's really really late to blog about it now.

Homo? Tooootallly failed just looking at the fugly grey coat. *rolls eyes* LOL!

"Sampai berbuih mulut ku cakap ko tak dengar, Anwar!" Shabery literally foams at (the sides of) his mouth trying to make a point.

Oh, another lesson learnt: Don't make empty promises.

Oh, I forgot. They are politicians anyway. ;-)

RM 61 billion net profit? Yup, there's Sudanese and Burmese blood in it.

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