Wednesday, July 23, 2008

More Roses Than Thorns in Public Universities; All of Them Have Flocked To Private Us to Conspire Against DSAI?

[Source: theSun pg. 8 July 23, 2008]

And where have all the cowboys gone? Rempit U? UNITEN? Jual belakang? Conspire against DSAI? You'll get better chances of getting scholarships and a heart-to-heart counselling from the Unc Agony DPM with just a CGPA of 1.5, after all. ;-)

And what's the statistics on the female workforce in this country?

I remembered when I was attending some brainwashing sessions orientation in an IPTA, a bimbo told the rest of the group that she is studying computer science so that 'she could open up her own cyber cafe' in the future.

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