Sunday, August 10, 2008

I'm Seriously Diggin' This Book - Out of the Tempurung (feat. King Pete)

Coz it has King Pete in it!

And finally, all are previously unpublished essay (yeah, not those Malaysiakini letters-like cash-cow-milking-scheme flooding our market).

Title: Out Of The Tempurung. Edited by Fong Chin Wei and Yin Ee Kiong. ISBN 978-0-97164-4-8. Publisher: East West Publishing Pty Ltd, NSW, Australia. 1st Edition March 2008. 302 pages. Paperback. RRP: RM 25.

And all authors are my favourites (okay, maybe except the MSM one).

And it's cheap! At RM 25!

Will review it later. Or not.

Go get it now! (And not some obscure non-authorised self-gratifying cartoon biography which surprisingly stopped abruptly at Year 2003).

Oh yeah, Jun-E's book is out as well which I'm not going to promote more about it as my name and blog are not mentioned in it :P

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