Sunday, August 03, 2008

Lau Ahmah: "Dollah, Lu Ciak Liao?"; Dollah: "Ciak Pau Liao Loh, Ciak Boey Liao!"

His speech was so lame, that even the Double Latuks under the 4th floor direction could not make the spin convincing enough. Look at how this piece of news didn't even mention specifically the type of audience and the topic of the event?


Compare and contrast it to the news report in Malaysiakini:

Bodohwi delivered a keynote speech entitled “Holistic Development and the role of the Government” When quizzed by one of his audience (500 students) with the following question, “What is the role of the government in holistic development?”

“Holistic apa?… Where did I say so in my speech? Are you looking at it? Oh, you are (referring) to the title of my speech!” exclaimed Abdullah.

Gua Ciak Boey Liao Loh!

Ngom, ngom, ngom!

[Poster by Mob]

Ngom! Ngom! Ngom!

Gua got ahloprane har! Dun pway pway!

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