Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Leaked Script Excerpt From ntv7/The Star's 'Reality' Drama, Frontpage

Kali: Hey, you got report the old man's story today har?
Wong: No. Kenapa, tak percaya kah? I tot we all agreed on that? 4th floor boys didn't tell you kah?
Kali: Eh, I surfed your website around 8 a.m. something, it was there wat!
Wong: Haiya, remove liao lor. You also never put, I go and put har? Takut lar!
Kali: Eh, got peeple managed to capture the story or not. Nanti you big trouble!
Wong: Haiya, you mean blogger pricks har. Nobody will read their blogs one har. They all 'gomen bashing' and 'unpatriotic' only.
Kali: Ok har, this story, you know, I know, enough lar...

Recycled and modified from here.


Spin-doctorism 'reality' show? Can't wait!

I wonder who will play the 'Double Latuk', the 'Jostling I-Must-Include-The-Adjective-Handsome-In-My-Op-Ed', the 'Hindu God', Muslim Priest, the 'cross-dressing 4th Floor boy', the 'Botak Kodomo Lion' and oh, of course, the 'annoying blogger'.

And I wonder whether the first episode will feature this frontpage:

ntv7 is part of Media Prima which is owned by UMNO. The Star is owned by MaChAi. Juita Viden is owned by Vincent Tan. But is the rakyat 'owned' by them?

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