Sunday, August 17, 2008

No Gold? Blessing In Disguise or Curse of the MaChAi?

Ooopss...Blue Nazi can't wank at his gold after all. (The RM 1 million masuk poket sendiri?)


Blessing in disguise? Read the Obnoxious' prediction if he won...

Curse of the MaChAi? Remember all these?

Good friends

Chong Wei, who will be leaving for the All-England tournament tomorrow, added that he had struggled to juggle his busy schedule in order to support Hee Leong’s maiden election campaign.

"I'm a national badminton player. I serve the country and BN is also the government," said Chong Wei, when asked to justify his presence for Hee Leong's campaign.

Clad in a Sedia Gempur BN t-shirt, Chong Wei,described Hee Leong as a good leader who is ever willing to help others.

He was however coy when quizzed by reporters on Hee Leong's badminton skills. "He did okay," said Chong Wei, who is also MCA's badminton ambassador.

Fucking. Made. Me. Puked.

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