Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mmmm....Food! (3)

Wendy's. Pretty usual.

Indomee Goreng. Those keropoks are a must. Refer further photos later.

Nasi Rendang Sapi + Ulam Masak Lemak + Heavenly Cincau = Yummy!

Time for some change. Beef steak.

Minced meat noodle washed down with a slim can of Coke.

Bihun baso.

Mi baso.

Blue Nazi's favourite dish. Soto mee.

Mee jawa. Kinda horrid and prefer our version more.

Donuts? What's so special about this?

Yummy filling...

Oh, it's Krispy Kreme. It's more expensive than J.Co (an Indonesian brand) and Big Apple (not available at that shopping complex),

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