Saturday, November 01, 2008


All from Kuching.

Ais kacang ABC. Kuchingites don't understand what is ais kacang.

Tomato mee. OK. Not too sour.

Laksa Sarawak. I ordered 'Yit Cha' or hot chinese tea and they gave me a Jasmine tea bag immersed in hot water instead of the el cheapo 30 sen Lok Pou Cina Teh.

Satay. Ubiquitous.

Chao Koh sans bean sprout. Tasted horrid bland.

Kueh Chap. 100% non-halal.

You know what this is?

Nasi Umai or pickled raw fish a.k.a. sour sashimi. The fish tasted 'well-cooked' though. Funny.

Tasteless kolok mee.

Tasteful kolok mee.

Halal kolok mee.

No, luckily I've not contracted kolokitis yet.

Beef noodles a.k.a Mee Sapi.

Rojak. RM 2 only.

Hainanese Chicken Rice.

Sio Bee a.k.a Siu Mai with ABC again.

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