Monday, December 01, 2008

Guruji, Najib and Mahathir

Interesting juxtapositioning by theSun on page2 today. I thought Vince T is kamching with Bijan. Didn't get any projects recently issit? Well, he is indeed. Look at where Guruji will be staying for the month.

Well, to be fair, RPK was also there. In the juxtaposed news lar!

I was particularly amazed with this:

"He solves the problem of men & women by seeing face and photo without horoscope with very positive results regarding personal problems....marriage, divorce, politics, remarriage." you know why someone disappeared and bombed into pieces, even without prior acquaintance and meeting?

Now, back to the Al-Jazeera thingy. The real successor and predecessor. Interesting Now, has anyone submitted their questions yet about whether The Sesame has apologised for threatening to soak the traditional dagger with Chinois blood?

Another interesting headline today:

Don't you just love theSun? ;-)

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