Saturday, December 20, 2008

Scenes From Around The First Night Opening of Teater Bilik Sulit at the Bar Council

Got to know this from Haris.

Yeah, this place.

I was half-expecting the dimwits were there to protest, but I guess there were too busy with pigs.

The play started off with the 'ISA' song.

And the play centres around the ISA interogation room, with the background voice of the wife of the detainee.

Erhm, do they really wear orange there?

Yeah, the SBs are exactly as sterotyped - with moustache, belly, and loves the fag and teh tarik.

I think we've heard much of the account from the detainees there, from RPK to Syed Hussin. But this is the first time they have a (short) play on it?

Playwright (by ex-detainee Hisham Rais) encompasses a lot of reference to current events, like C4/Razak/Altantuya to things like Saiful/main bontot/tilam and Rompin-MP-raba-bontot-Brickfields etc.

Play's stil running. Go catch it.


Venue : Bar Council Auditorium, Level 1

Time : 8.30pm

Space is limited, kindly RSVP.

For more info kindly contact 012-4651671 @ fadiahnadwa9[at]yahoo[dot]com

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