Friday, January 16, 2009

Kit The 5th PM and Wearing Songkok? Shahidan Kassim Stroking A Cock?

Finally received this yesterday:

Delivered, sealed, signed.

Yes, Darndest Volume 2 is out!

You'll expect lorry loads of the good ol' South Park-like cut-and-paste jobs (not Photoshop-ed) of politicians, politicians and politicians - all by Fahmi Rehza of the 10 Tahun Sebelum Merdeka fame. And here are some peek of you'll get:

Kit with songkok and grouped together with the other 5 PMs. He looks smart in that headgear. And sure bags loads of votes.

Shahidan Kassim stroking a cock. Not sure if it's his own.

Nik Aziz married with Shabery Cheek FTW!!!

M won hands down with the most pages, followed by Semi Value. Kinda disappointed Sleepy just has 4 pages (there are loads of quotes here, dude).

At stores in March, me thinks? RM 20, paperback, 120 pages.

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