Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Mahathirism Is Well, Alive, And Kickin'

A popular chain bookstore has two shelves dedicated for him at Mid Valley!

Speaking of which, what's with all these creepy "I See Wrong People" and "I Hear Voices" thingy?

No ode shelf for Bedol? C'mon, 4th Floor Boys, where are your spin-books?

Well, on the other side of MidValley (new wing), another popular chain bookstore has literally a whole shelf dedicated for Bijan (btw, have you signed the petition yet?), all penned by no other than the author of YB J. Vince Tan's kamcheng mah!

So, when's the turn Tan Sri Datuk Tengku Amir gonna have a whole shelf dedicated for him then? (Which by the way, I have purchased his latest book online).

On a related issue, M's got a new book out! Didn't buy it coz you could read online FOC!

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