Thursday, July 16, 2009

Malaysian Today Rates Jibby 'C' On Its Front Page; Jessie Soon's-To-Be-Fired?

OMG! Not another report card! In a PRINTED mainstream media (MSM) some more!

Well, to be fair, it's a 'B' inside.

Will the hawt CEO of Malaysian Today, Jessie Soon, be demoted soon (pun not intended), for trying to hard to be like RPK's Malaysia Today?

To give her some credit, she did get some 'balanced' view, like this chap, who looks more like a good potential MCA leader than a mass comm graduate in the future.

Name and identity have been removed.

But how about the other students who rated Jibby less favourably? All will kena 'ISA'?. All kena lokap for 2 days then released for being 'sorry'? You know, they have been a surge in the cases of university students being arrested in UM (the conteng Dotty kat dinding case, 'cemar' Islam case) , UPM (evangelism case)...

p.s. Malaysian Today is an associate company of theSun, both collectively owned by the Berjaya Group, a Vincent Tan company. It has its printing license (under the Publications Act) due for renewal in May 2010.

p.p.s. Yeh babeh, I'm back. For today. :-)