Friday, August 28, 2009

Abit Joo/Liwan Lagang Must Die

This post is alternatively named "Vote BN, Free Weight Loss Programme (Bonus: Get Your Daughters Laid)"

A: Why so seditious the title?

B: No harm intended. Just look at who they are:


Y.B. Encik Liwan Lagang - N.57 Belaga - Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS-BN)

A: Why die lar?

B: If die, got buy-election. No food? Poof! It's raining instant noodles? Daughter raped? Poof! Will be unraped and revirginized. No bridge? Poof! Golden crooked bridge built!

A: 52 years Merdeka liao woh? Why like Third World Country liddat?

B: *cough*Kafir lar*cough*

A: No bridge, use helicopter lar!

B: Helicopters are reserved for DPMs. During buy-elections.

A: I heard Tiong is a timber tycoon also. Is he involved?

B: Who gives a fcuk? When election, pangkah je! They still win wat?

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