Wednesday, August 05, 2009

"Dear Readers...Luv, Dotty"

Dear beloved readers,

Yeah, yeah, shaddup already! I knew some of you can't access my site. Screw my webmasters! I've already packed in some C4s. Problem settled now. Clean.

Now, now, where were we? Oh wow, thank you for the overwhelming response! So do you guys (no gals allowed here, keep your dirty hands off my 1Jibby!) here like my pink theme? Oh, my hair! My hair! You all like it? That's 1Thousand quids...the same hairdresser Posh Becks got, ya' know? (Shh...don't tell the taxpayers!)

Well, what should I write in my 1St post? Hmmm...what about this 1Beotch.

This 1Beotch, aitelya! Was playing 1Eye with 1Jibby in the lift! Thinking that this 1Wife is not around! I told her that there is only 1Husband for 1Wife in 1Malaysia! Anyhoos, my docs advised me not to pressure up too much. My 1Body will explode soon, he said. :-( Both of them are already in my 1Guruji list now. Will be cleaned up soon. ;-)

Oopps, my 1Flight to London is up now. Can't blog more. See ya' all soon. Ciao!


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